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2014 Year End Self Evaluation rough draft

I have had a helluva year at work, especially these last few months, which has kept me from devoting my love and attention to this site, but since I am all about transparency, I am posting my 2014 Year End Self Evaluation rough draft:

  • Despite the best efforts of the gods to thwart me, there is still a slight chance that we might complete this project by the end of the year. If I succeed, I may occasionally be teleworking from my new home in Asgard, just down the street from Valhalla.
  • My priorities of completing projects and assisting people with technology challenges requires me to spend as little time as possible on my Self Eval, while still including enough text to make it appear as though I have taken it seriously.
  • Perspective and Respect - I gots ‘em. I know which idiots need special handling.
  • I would have been happy and proud to be done with this project a few weeks ago, but of course the finish line was moved and the race was transformed into a demolition derby, so I am looking forward to being happy and proud once I escape from the burning car and wash off the blood.
  • It has been educational to learn how to run in multiple directions at the same time. I have also had the opportunity to contemplate the effects of being on the receiving end of the spirit-crushing hammer, as opposed to my usual role. It’s amazing what you can learn from having your hopes and dreams smashed over and over. It reinforces my commitment to the effective wielding of that tool on others, for their benefit.
  • It has also been interesting to watch carefully laid plans disintegrate into nothing. New opportunities at every turn, because the old ones are all in flames.
I haven't even had time to take a picture of where I work since I had gigantic CRT monitors.

I haven't even had time to take a picture of where I work since I had gigantic CRT monitors.