The U.K.'s Daily Mail got creeped

The Lilliput that's now just kaput: Japanese theme park based on Gulliver's Travels that has been left to rot


Gulliver's Travels is a classic novel which has inspired legions of schoolchildren and adults with its imaginative wit and satirical undertones.

Less inspiring, however, is the abandoned Japanese theme park based on the 18th century book which was left to rot after closing down in 2001.

While driving on a virtually deserted, ice-covered highway last week, I got a call from a U.K. reporter for some deets about my trip to Japan a few years ago. I pulled over and we had a brief chat, and he ended up making me sound a whole lot more thoughtful and eloquent than I really could have been.

The crotch shot

The crotch shot

"It was such a momentous thing to stand in the presence of. It was the most amazing and surreal object I have ever seen. It felt so weird to lie in the palm of a giant man, while surrounded by the stunning scenery."

So, I'll just assume that I talk like that when part of my brain is frozen.

The Weather Channel gets Creeped

Built in the shadow of Japan’s Mt. Fuji and located about two and a half hours west of Tokyo, Gulliver’s Kingdom (based on Jonathan Swift’s Gulliver’s Travels) was only open from 1997 to 2001, until it was shuttered due to poor attendance. The park was left idle and decaying, sometimes vandalized, until it was finally demolished in 2007.