Keep Calm and Gather (Black on Black)

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Keep Calm and Gather (Black on Black)

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What are you gonna do muthafacko?

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What Are You Gonna Do When Life Has Got You By The Nutsack?

You're Thinking About Gathering.
You're Dreaming About Lathering.  

But It's Driving You Nuts Cuz You Still Gotta Wait A Few Months?

You know what makes it all better. You know you gotta get together with your fam. You just have to get home to the gathering. Quit clownin around and get the fuck down, or as they might have said in jolly old 1940's England, "Keep Calm and Gather."

Topped off by Old Creeper's hand-drawn Shaggy and Violent J, these words say it all in style.

You bet your sweet ass it does, fucknuts.